The AI Photography art project using Midjourney is an innovative initiative that combines technology and art to generate stunning visual compositions. Using advanced AI algorithms, the project pushes the boundaries of traditional photography and introduces new techniques for greater creative expression. Overall, the AI Photography art project using Midjourney represents a significant advancement in the intersection of technology and art and promises to inspire and captivate audiences with its innovative approach.

Midjourney, Adobe CC
Jan 2023 ~ Current
After using Midjourney to create AI art, I have come to appreciate the immense potential of artificial intelligence in the field of visual arts. Just as traditional artists were initially skeptical of digital manipulation tools like Photoshop, some may hesitate to use AI algorithms in art creation. However, I have found that the capabilities of AI have vastly expanded in recent years, allowing for more precise and nuanced interpretations of creative prompts, and it is ultimately inevitable. The key to unlocking the full potential of AI in art creation will be the ability to accurately write prompts that capture the artist's vision and intent. As AI technology advances, it is exciting to think about the possibilities for collaboration and innovation that can emerge when human creativity and artificial intelligence intersect.


The "Mongles" project is a heartwarming initiative that aims to provide comfort and solace to adults who were once desolated children. The project centers around the idea of an imaginary friend named Mongle, who only appears to children experiencing extreme loneliness. Through a combination of storytelling and illustration, the project brings the character of Mongle to life and seeks to provide a sense of companionship and understanding to adults who may still carry the emotional scars of childhood loneliness.

Intergalactic Fashion Show

'Intergalactic Fashion Show' is a project that merges the worlds of fashion and science fiction. The project utilizes Midjourney's AI algorithms to create stunning visual compositions of a futuristic fashion show set in outer space. To ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the project, extensive research was conducted on both fashion terminology and the works of prominent science fiction movie directors. This knowledge was implemented in the project to create prompts that capture the essence of a futuristic fashion show with the style of Calvin's favorite directors, such as Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry.

State Fair

The project aims to create a series of captivating photographs that depict a futuristic circus with a dark and dystopian atmosphere, showcasing the fusion of advanced technology and human artistry. By using Midjourney to create unique visual interpretations of the state fairs in the dystopian future, the project seeks to offer a fresh perspective on this age-old art form while also exploring the darker aspects of a society that relies heavily on technology. 


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